Packaging with vision.

No matter how impressive your packaging designs may be, sometimes you will get better retail performance by letting your product do the selling for you. In cases like these, plastic or PET packaging may be the solution for you.

We produce clam shells, molded blisters, clear folding cartons, and a variety of other packaging products.

We also offer a variety of PET substrates for organizations committed to using greener materials. Our designs can incorporate both printed and non-printed plastics, and we utilize easily foldable scores that ensure clients can assemble their packaging quickly and easily.

Not only do we deliver a wide variety of printing and finishing options for plastic packaging, we also offer the advantage of our overseas supply chain and production facility that dramatically cuts the high costs of plastics to something more economically viable for the average retailer.

Let Us Help You Build the Perfect Box.

We offer packaging design and engineering services, sample packaging, and bulk orders starting at 1,000 boxes. Contact us today for a consultation.