Packaging is the silent salesman.

Ensuring that our packaging preserves the integrity of your product while helping it sell is our number one priority. One of the ways we achieve these goals is by performing a series of ISTA compliant tests on every packaging design we produce.

ISTA is the gold standard when it comes to testing and evaluating the performance of commercial transport packaging in real-world conditions. Their tests are designed to help organizations control shipping costs, reduce product damage during shipping, and conserve resources – both financial and physical.

We partner with an independent testing facility that performs drop, vibration, compression, and transit tests, and also evaluates corrugate edge crush strength.

Environmental impact scorecards and analysis can help organizations to evaluate and reduce the environment impact of their packaging. GPP works with both PET and RPET materials, helping you find the perfect match for your needs.

Let Us Help You Build the Perfect Box.

We offer packaging design and engineering services, sample packaging, and bulk orders starting at 1,000 boxes. Contact us today for a consultation.