Global Printing FAQs

What is the advantage of working with Global Printing & Packaging?

The advantages to the customer are numerous. With over 40 years of printing experience and offices in both the U.S. and Hong Kong, we are ideally positioned to analyze your entire project and work out the most effective strategy to accomplish high-end results. We are a USA based company. We operate under the same laws as you and your company do. We have been around for over 40 years and are not going anywhere. By doing business with us, you are protecting yourself and insuring that your project will get delivered on time and completed perfectly.

Is the quality as good as what I could receive domestically?

Yes, and better! Our factories in Asia use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality materials. All of our factories are ISO certified.

What about all the paperwork with customs and freight?

Global Printing & Packaging is a fully bonded importer and deals with all the paperwork and customs regulations. The entire process is seamless to the customer.

What are your prices?

Customers can reasonably expect to save 30-70% Many times, labor intensive projects show even greater savings. Because of the cost savings you can go ahead and upgrade your raw materials and add many value added services.

How is Offshore Printing different from printing in the USA?

While the quality of printing Offshore is equal or better than the quality from printing in the USA, the main difference is the extra 3-4 weeks of shipping time from the Offshore factory to the final destination. You will also notice that the prices will be at least 30% less.

Is my project a good fit for Offshore Printing?

Many projects are. Some projects are not. Once we have more information we can determine if it would be a good fit for Offshore Printing. If it is not a good fit, we have many options to print the project in the U.S.

Do I have to coordinate importing myself?

We handle port to port delivery including customs clearances. We can also coordinate inland shipping or you can set up inland shipping yourself.

Does your price include ocean freight and customs fee?

Does your price include ocean freight and customs fee?
Our prices are quoted with all ocean freight and customs fees include (unless otherwise noted).

How long has your company been in business?

We have been in business since 1965.

Do you have an office in China?

Yes, we have an office that works closely with our partner factories to ensure on-time and high quality production

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If your company is based in Massachusetts, or the shipment is ultimately shipped to Massachusetts by us, you will need a Massachusetts Resell Certificate and have the proper sales tax exemption status in order to be exempted from paying sales tax.


How do I submit the files?

You can upload large files directly on our website. Just click on the “Send Files” menu item.

What kind of file format do you accept?

We accept all the standard file formats. However, PDF format is preferred if the files are print ready.

Do you have a graphic design department that can assist us with design?

We have a graphic design department that assist in making changes and revisions or we can design your entire project.

Are the prepress files proofed in the States before sending the files to the overseas factories?

Yes. We have a full time prepress department that reviews all files before we send them to our factories.


What kind of paper stock do you use?

We typically use paper that has been manufactured in Asia. We can closely match any paper stock that you would like to use. We can also provide samples prior to printing.

What kind of printing equipment do you use?

Please view our equipment list here.


What kind of proofs do you provide?

We will typically provide a soft proof (PDF) within 24-48 hours of file upload. We can also provide Epson digital proofs. For most projects we can also provide press proofs which are printed on the press.

How will proofs be delivered to me?

Proof will be delivered via UPS or FedEx.


What is the typical timeline for having projects completed?

Production for most projects is completed in 10-14 days from proof approval. Ocean shipping takes 2-3 weeks and inland shipping can take 1-7 days. We can airship all or a portion of a project. Air shipping via FedEx takes around 1-3 days.

Shipping & Logistics

Do you handle door-to-door delivery?

Yes. We typically quote deliver from our factory to your door (unless otherwise specified).

Can you handle fulfillment?

Yes. We have a variety of fulfillment services we can offer.

Can you handle bulk-mailing?

Yes. We work closely with a number of mail houses.

Do you do warehousing and distribution?

Yes – we have a warehouse in Long Beach, CA and we also have relationships with warehouses across the U.S.

Can you ship to any port on the west coast?

Yes. We can ship to any port in the U.S.

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