Why Overseas

With a lower cost of labor, overseas printing makes sense – especially when you’re working on a large volume project. Printing overseas does not mean that you are sacrificing quality, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You’ll have access to the same equipment as you would in the U.S. and you can afford to be more creative within the same budget that you would have used domestically. Instead of 4-color printing, you may want to upgrade to 5- or 6–color printing. The money you save by printing overseas will more than cover the price of shipping, while still realizing a savings of 30-70%.

Why Gpp?

By taking advantage of the worldwide factory network that Global Printing & Packaging has forged for over 40 years, you can be sure that you are going to get a quality product at great savings. Our customers routinely save 20-50%, with many saving up to 70%.

Quality is always assured, as all of our factories are ISO certified and we are an FSC China Printing Company – one of only a few in all of Asia.

Even though you are printing overseas, you can have confidence that we will complete all of the prepress as if your job were printed domestically. We’ll always send you digital color proofs or PDF proofs for approval before we begin to print your product. Additionally, we can make an actual printed sample for you to review and approve before we commence with printing. While other companies may charge thousands of dollars for this service, we can do this for free.

As opposed to working directly with an overseas printer, when you choose Global Printing & Packaging, you’re removing all of the risk that overseas printing implies. Global Printing & Packaging will shield you from any international issues that may arise because you are dealing with a US corporation that operates under US law.

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Although it may seem to be more cost-effective to deal directly with the factory, the perceived savings may not outweigh the benefits. Many overseas factories will quote an incredibly low price to a buyer that may not be inclusive of all charges. For example, transportation fees, taxes and customs paperwork may not be included in the quote. You may have to hire a separate company to distribute the product from the dock once the product is shipped back to the States. In other cases, your company may be responsible for ocean transportation and US distribution. These added costs and the personal time and resources expended may not be worth the perceived cost savings from buying direct.

When you choose Global Printing & Packaging, you receive a quote inclusive of all of these costs, with no need to hire an additional distributor, and your personal time and resources expended will be minimal. We offer fair, realistic pricing and customer service that you can count on – just like we have been doing for over 40 years.

Bait & Switch

When purchasing directly from an overseas factory, you do not have any assurance of ethical practices. Unfortunately, some overseas factories will initially print your product utilizing the paper stock you have been quoted. But after the first shipment has been approved, the printer may switch to inferior quality paper. Once the issue has been discovered, you may not be able to recoup your investment – and if you decide try, it can prove very costly.

When you work with Global Printing, you are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. You will receive the product printed on the stock quality you approved – guaranteed. Every single time. Just like we have been doing for all of our customers for over 40 years.

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Importing and exporting can be hard to navigate on your own. There are many freight terms used around international trade that are commonly misunderstood by entities new to the process. Some overseas companies take advantage of this lack of understanding by quoting a price based on “will-call.” Or worse, they will just ship your product to the port of export and expect your company to handle the rest. Here are some delivery terms that may be included within your direct-buy quote.

EXW : This acronyms stands for Ex Works, with Ex meaning “from” and Works meaning “factory” or “mill.” In this case the goods are made available from the factory only, meaning the buyer is responsible for loading the goods on truck or container at the seller’s premises, and for the subsequent costs and risks.

FOB : This acronym means “Free on Board.” There are two types of FOB:

FOB Origin
means that your product will be shipped to the port of export and you will be responsible for all subsequent transportation, oceanic and then domestic. If you have frequent, high-volume orders, this may be an idea shipping situation for you. If you’re only doing a one-time order, the amount of paperwork you’ll have to endure will not be worth the cost savings resulting in direct-buy printing.
FOB Destination
means the seller is responsible for the freight and other costs and risks until the goods are delivered to the buyer’s premises, which may include the import customs clearance and payment of import customs duties and taxes at the buyer’s country, depending on the agreement between the buyer and seller.

CIF : This acronym stands for Cartage, Insurance and Freight – it is used for ocean freight only. The cargo insurance and delivery of goods to the named port of destination (discharge) at the seller’s expense. Buyer is responsible for the import customs clearance and other costs and risks.

DDU : The term “”DDU”” stands for “Delivery Duty Unpaid.” With this kind of shipping, the product will be shipped directly to the buyer (all transportation costs included) with the buyer accountable for Duty fees.

DDP : The term “”DDP”” includes shipping to the buyer with duty paid for by the shipper (factory or trading company). DDP is generally offered with large-quantity orders, and is the most secure for U.S. customers.

Remember that when you’re importing goods from overseas, you are assuming all of the risk. When you work with Global Printing & Packaging, we assume the risk. We complete all of the paperwork, shipping and distribution for you. We take all of the hassle out of international shipping. We are a U.S. based company that has been in business for over 40 years – operating under the same laws as you and your company.

Paper Quality

Paper made in the US differs greatly from the paper manufactured in Asia. And the paper selection in China is more limited than in the U.S. When you buy direct, you may want to ask the printer to send you a sample of the paper on which they plan to print before you leave a deposit. This will add some delay to your project, but it is a good idea to examine the paper before an agreement is signed. But even then, the paper quality may not be guaranteed.

When you work with Global Printing, you will not have to worry about paper quality and you will not experience any delays when you request a sample of paper stock. We have existing relationships with Asian paper companies and we always guarantee our paper quality. What you see is what you will get.


When dealing with any company overseas, there is bound to be some communications issues. Aside from the obvious language barrier, there is also a great time difference between the US and Asia. (12 Hours) You will more than likely have to communicate with your printer outside of regular US Business hours. Typically late at night

Additionally, during pre-press it is not likely that your overseas printer will catch any last-minute typos that may be caught by native English speakers. Global Printing & Packaging employs it own prepress department just for these types of situations. We work the same hours as you – thus saving you many late nights trying to communicate in real time.

Your dedicated Global Printing & Packaging Project Manager will communicate directly with you and our pre-press department. Our expertise in customer service ensures that you will have all of your questions answered quickly.

Packing-up Shipment

When your project has finished printing, it still has to make the long journey back to the U.S. Proper packaging is the key to safe product arrival. It is not uncommon for packages to arrive damaged beyond repair. Even with insurance, if your end-product is damaged, you’ll have to begin the printing process all over again. If not a financial loss, it will be a loss off valuable time.

Print Quality

As with paper quality, print quality is not always guaranteed when you purchase directly from an overseas printer. You may receive excellent proofs, only to find that the finished product is not nearly as crisp as your proofs.

With Global Printing & Packaging, your satisfaction is guaranteed. What you see in your proofs and printed samples is exactly what you will see on the finished product.


When you work directly with a factory overseas, you cannot be sure that you are getting what you initially agreed upon. There is no guarantee that the factory with which you are dealing has a great reputation or experience that you can depend upon. But when you work with Global Printing, it’s like having your own insurance policy. We have years of experience in exporting and we follow proven standards to ensure that your product is packaged properly and arrives at the port on time and in perfect condition. On the rare occasion that a shipping problem occurs, we will work hard to resolve it.


The legal and logistical conventions surrounding customs regulations can take years to master. When you choose Global Printing & Packaging, you can take advantage of our no-hassle importing. We take care of everything for you. Your products will be shipped directly to you, just as if you were working with a domestic factory. Global Printing & Packaging completes the paperwork associated with shipping, logistics and U.S. Customs. We are fully bonded and insured licensed importer with the U.S. Customs.

We not only offer quality, cost-effective print products, but we also offer peace-of-mind with our “satisfaction guaranteed” policy. When you take advantage of our expertise and long-standing factory relationships, you’ll never have to be concerned about your end-product.

Legal Issues

If you choose to work directly with an overseas printer, you will expose yourself to quite a bit of risk. There are no guarantees when working with an overseas printer and little can be done to recover lost costs due to shipment damage due to poor packaging, poor quality paper, additional import costs and additional fees that were not originally quoted.

When you work with Global Printing, we take over the risk, and we complete all of the paperwork, shipping and distribution for you. We take all of the hassle out of international shipping. We are a U.S. based company that has been in business for over 40 years – operating under the same laws as you and your company.

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