Working with many factories on a variety of different projects.

One of our core competencies is helping you find the ideal printing solution for each and every one of your projects. We offer our clients the simplicity of dealing with a single point of contact for all their printing needs; you’ll never face the hassle of sourcing from multiple factories or providers ever again.

Our network works with all substrates and product types, from plastic, to wood, corrugate, paperboard, and more. This expertise allows us to consistently provide market-competitive pricing even on the most complex projects, as well the advantage of keeping production in-house, leading to consistently higher quality output.

We also will work with you to remove the burden of project management every step of the way, from the initial concept to final delivery of your order. While helping you find the optimal printing solution for your needs, we provide guidance on how best to present your products in the retail marketplace, whether through pallet displays, POP installations, or individual unit packaging for countertop or shelf presentation.

After printing your order, we handle all logistical concerns as well, from importing/exporting procedures, to legal clearances, to customs processing – all you’ll have to do is sign on the dotted line to accept the final delivery. GPP is proud to offer some of the best in class shipping and transit times in the industry.

Overseas Pricing, Domestic Accountability & Service

GPP was founded and remains based in the USA, while our factory network is located in Asia. This allows us to bring our clients the benefits of competitive overseas pricing, while providing them the highest level of service and legal accountability they can expect from any domestic partner.

No Outsourcing; Nip Potential QC Issues in the bud

GPP works with all printing materials, substrates, and finishes, so we never outsource any part of your project to third parties. This helps minimize potential QC issues involved with the printing of your packaging or its delivery.

Significantly Shorter Lead Times

Keeping production and logistics in-house allows us to provide significantly shorter lead times on projects to our clientele. In many cases we can meet or beat delivery times of other domestic providers, despite international production and shipping times.

Let Us Help You Build the Perfect Box.

We offer packaging design and engineering services, sample packaging, and bulk orders starting at 1,000 boxes. Contact us today for a consultation.