3 Surprising Ways Retail Packaging Companies Can Help Your Business

3 Surprising Ways Retail Packaging Companies Can Help Your Business

This may come as a surprise, but selling a product is a lot like selling a house. A house may be incredible on the inside, but if it lacks curb appeal it will sit on the market for a long time without getting the attention it deserves. A product missing shelf appeal may do the same. 

First impressions matter. A national study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board and Ipsos finds that 72% of Americans say a product’s packaging and the materials used to package it influence their decision to buy the product.

The right packaging has the power to help your business grow. Packaging design and the materials used enhances a product’s shelf appeal, builds consumer expectations, and makes a lasting impression. How a product looks can determine whether it sells or sits on a shelf.

Better shelf appeal begins by selecting an exceptional box company and packaging partner. The right retail packaging company helps develop packaging solutions that create brand awareness, set expectations, and deliver lasting impressions. 

No. 1 Maintain Consistency

Consistent product packaging increases brand awareness and helps your product stand out. A retail packaging partner helps craft a lasting printing and packaging solution that sets your product apart from the competition. 

Working with a vendor that understands the importance of consistency ensures that the design and colors, materials, and construction of your packaging stay the same from one run to the next, allowing you to meet customer expectations every time.  

Your retail packaging partner achieves consistency by making all your packaging needs available in one place. They work with you from design to testing to delivery, ensuring consistent colors, materials, and design themes, whether it’s your first package or your 10,000th. A single box company centralizes quality control to ensure consistent results.

Packaging companies also partner with reliable printers who will not make changes without your approval. These printers do not substitute materials or compromise construction to save time or money. Your needs drive the packaging solutions they produce, not the printer’s capabilities. 

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No.2 Develop Durable Designs

Research shows that 69% of Americans have shopped online and 25% of Americans shop online at least once a month. The freedom to shop safely after hours and from the comfort of one’s home during the pandemic has motivated many consumers to switch from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to Internet shops. 

The change impacts the packaging you use. Today’s packaging must withstand the shipping process to make sure a flawless package arrives at the customer’s doorstep. A great retail packaging partner selects the right packaging materials for your product and tests the durability of the completed packaging. 

A good retail packaging company also employs structural engineers and designers to help select appropriate materials for your product. These professionals align material choices with your budget, manufacturing process, and target market.

They also match packaging choices with the product itself. A soccer ball needs a litho-laminated box constructed of sturdy corrugated material, whereas a flowing cashmere scarf can use a lightweight Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) box. Packaging for food products, meanwhile, must meet FDA standards—rules that change depending on the product. The packaging used for frozen or refrigerated food will differ from that of a product that sits on the grocery shelf. 

These same engineers can reduce product breakage in transport by drop testing your packaging before mass producing it and sending it to customers. Drop testing involves a series of lab-controlled simulations that rate the impact of drops from varying heights and conditions. Your retail printing and packaging partner should maintain its own drop testing facilities. 

The knowledge that your packaging passed drop testing lets you ship with peace of mind. You can be confident your package will withstand the rigorous conditions thrown its way during shipping. And customers will receive your products intact, further ensuring their satisfaction.

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No.3 Save Money

The excitement of launching a product may lure you into complicated, eye-catching, and expensive packaging. A retail packaging partner can help you steer the course and select packaging that meets your needs but stays within your budget.

An experienced packaging partner can refine your budget and put your money into design options that make sense, recommending subtle improvements that enhance the customer experience while keeping costs in line. 

Your packaging partner knows how to add interest to packaging without breaking the bank. For example, adding texture to the box can enhance its appeal: soft film lamination conveys luxury, while rough stock that feels like denim may appeal to a male audience. Embossing and debossing adds complexity to textured stock. 

You can further enhance your product with oleographic foil to complement embossed areas or add an eye-catching element to the packaging. Upping box rigidity through a heavier stock can also convey luxury and value. 

Whether launching a new product, rebranding an existing one, or upgrading packaging to improve the consumer experience, a retail product packaging partner can boost your product’s shelf appeal and positively impact your bottom line.

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