What to Look for in a Luxury Rigid Box Manufacturer

What to Look for in a Luxury Rigid Box Manufacturer

What to Look for in a Luxury Rigid Box Manufacturer

Your luxury retail packaging provides your customers with the first impression of your product. And like the old adage states, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

When selling a luxury product, your packaging acts as a separate product in itself. Buyers are judging your product based on what they see containing it. The right rigid box manufacturer will position you as a high-end producer, but it’s best to do some homework before you commit.


Find a Rigid Box Provider That Does It All

Rather than outsourcing for your graphic design or structural engineering needs, you can work with a rigid box manufacturer that does it all.

The more people you need to coordinate, the higher the risk of something falling through the cracks, or being delayed, or turning out different than expected. Eliminate as many risks as possible by choosing a luxury rigid box manufacturer that handles all of these elements in-house.

Your bottom line will thank you as well. Having one bill at the end of the month instead of three or five will help you better budget your company’s expenses while also saving you some coin.

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Get Production Samples

When shopping for a luxury rigid box manufacturer, challenge your contenders to get you some samples at a decent price, and quickly, so that you can compare them.

There’s a caveat here, though. Make sure these are high-quality, finished samples, and not mock-ups. Have these competitors provide samples of exactly what you are looking to create – not something similar, just to give you an idea. You shouldn’t be able to distinguish your final product from the test model.

You may find that most manufacturers will fall short on this simple request, charging exorbitant amounts of money for low-quality samples that you will have to wait weeks to have in your hands.


Find a Manufacturer That Actually Makes Rigid Boxes

You may be surprised to learn that there are few printing and packaging manufacturers that actually make rigid boxes. A lot of retail packaging manufacturers are actually folding carton manufacturers who outsource rigid boxes. And you won’t know the difference unless you ask.

The reason for this is that rigid boxes are a more complicated and time-consuming product to manufacture. The production process for a folding carton is pretty straight-forward. The carton is made with one piece of corrugated cardboard or SPF that is either printed or put through a printing process. It is then die-cut and made into a folding carton.

A rigid box is made of heavier material, and there are parts that may need to be assembled by hand. This makes for a more complicated process that turns many companies away from producing them.

It is simply easier for some manufacturers to pay a luxury rigid box manufacturer to produce the box that you are looking for and bill you for the added costs. Save yourself time and money by working with a rigid box manufacturer that actually manufactures rigid boxes.

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Communication Is Key

Can you imagine working with a company that keeps sending you the wrong product over and over again?

An essential characteristic of any luxury rigid box manufacturer worth your money is its ability to listen and create what you need. If you are constantly receiving errors in your proofs, that is likely a sign of poor communication somewhere along the line. If the manufacturer is having problems with communication, what other errors could they possibly be making with your final product?

Work with a rigid box manufacturer that provides answers to your requests in a timely manner and isn’t afraid to give you real answers to your questions. It is a fast-paced market, and your product doesn’t deserve to lose shelf space because of simple issues that can easily be avoided.


Your brand is your product’s identity and the first emotional connection buyers make with your product. Without your luxury rigid box, buyers would have no way of knowing that you’ve put the time and research into creating a unique offering that responds directly to their wants and needs. Your story would have no voice. Choose a luxury rigid box manufacturer whose first priority is telling your story the way it deserves to be told.

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