3 Ways Product Packaging Companies Make Items Stand Out on Store Shelves

3 Ways Product Packaging Companies Make Items Stand Out on Store Shelves

Think about the last time you were looking for a product in a retail store setting. You probably browsed the shelves scanning multiple options provided by a dozen different brands. Then something caused one option to pop out, and you put it in your cart.

For the most part, there’s little difference when it comes to footballs, Greek yoghurt or toilet cleaner. While some people may make purchasing decisions based on brand loyalty, lowest calories, or ingredients, studies show that most buyers who aren’t already sworn to a single brand make buying decisions based on packaging and product presentation. This is why it is paramount that retailers partner with the best product packaging and printing companies that have teams of creative packaging designers and engineers. These are the industry leaders capable of developing solutions to help their client’s products stand out on the shelf by resonating with target buyers.

You may feel your product is the best of the best, but without the right product packaging and design, you are missing out on fully communicating why shoppers should choose your item over the competition, These three tips come straight from the “Packaging Bible”--guidelines and principles used by top product packaging companies that you can use for generating ideas or to use as a standard set of requirements for finding your next commercial packaging printing company.

1. The Best Product Packaging Companies Keep Design Simple

The old saying applies here: less is more. There is a huge difference between an overdone design and an eye-catching one. Too many different colors, designs and graphics can easily overwhelm customers and result in your product collecting dust on retail shelves until they are pulled and sent back to your warehouse. Be sure to consider interesting and attractive designs that resonate with your buyers that don’t pass the boundaries of common-sense design.

2. Make Sure the Packaging Design is Relevant

Your sales potential and revenue goals hinge on product packaging. If your retail packaging design is relevant to your buyers, you will see an increase in sales. It’s that simple. What isn’t so easy is finding a printing packaging company with an eye for marketing that knows how to collaborate with retailers to create the perfect packaging design that speaks to target buyers. After all, while a silly cartoonish logo may be suitable for a bag of spicy beef jerky, it would not be ideal for a high-end bottle of wine. Design relevancy must be held in place at all times.

3. Use Compelling Imagery

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to product packaging design, this is especially true. Most shoppers only spend 3 seconds scanning the shelves before their eyes meet something worth picking up and further examining. Using compelling images will move the product from shelf to hands, and once a customer is physically holding something, the chance of them purchasing that item doubles. The imagery on your product packaging should show buyers the item’s benefits, uniqueness, drive curiosity, and show how it can improve the customer’s life. The imagery should also be creative, high-quality, and printed using high-end photography that presents sharp, bright images. Avoid working with product printing packaging companies that use cheap Photoshop tactics with poorly pixelated results. You don’t want your product to look like it belongs on some merchant’s blanket in some back alley but instead have the look of a high-end product competing against others like it in a tough retail big box store.
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