5 Unique Electronics Packaging Designs

5 Unique Electronics Packaging Designs

From smartphones to tablets to handheld gaming devices, electronics are growing immensely in popularity and many businesses are turning to unique electronic packaging designs to stay ahead of the competition. 

In fact, consumers are forecast to buy more than 2.06 trillion dollars worth of electronics annually by 2023. Any company that can earn even a small fraction of that total stands to grow astronomically.

But even with a stellar product, shelf space is competitive and customers can be difficult to entice. With the right packaging and presentation, your product will stand out on the shelves and online.

Protect Fragile Products

Most electronics are a dangerous combination of fragile and expensive. Imagine investing your hard-earned capital in a new product—but the majority of your merchandise is damaged in transit. 

Protect your investment with durable packaging without compromising design. Hard plastic molds, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts can all be effective tools to keep your product safe. But bear in mind that more consumers than ever are concerned with sustainability.

In response to continued environmental concern, companies are increasingly using recycled paperboard and 100% biodegradable products like Green Cell Foam®. Determine the fragility of your product and plan your packaging accordingly.

Need Help Creating a Branded Packaging Design? 

Include Key Information on the Packaging

Find inventive ways to include major selling points on your packaging. For example, if a desirable aspect of a smartphone is how thin it is, including an image of the phone in profile on the packaging can highlight that feature.

You might also want to include important technical aspects like the voltage, battery life, and amount of memory. 

If you decide to use more sustainable electronic packaging, don’t forget to make this choice clear to your customers. While eco-friendly packaging might be more expensive upfront, consumers will be more likely to buy products in sustainable packaging. Additionally, many consumers’ brand loyalty is tied to shared values such as environmental consciousness.


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Use Your Product in the Packaging Design

Find clever ways to incorporate your product into the electronic packaging itself. For instance, earbuds can be arranged to look like musical notes on a staff. Creative approaches like these will only serve to add originality and uniqueness to your brand.

Feel free to use a clear window in your packaging, as well, so that your product can speak for itself. If your merchandise is high-quality and visually interesting, sometimes it’s best not to overcomplicate the design.

Always Include Branding

Comprehensive branding is vital for every business, regardless of your product. Your logo, brand colors, and slogan should be visible on every package.

Brand loyalty begins with recognition, so be certain to make your packaging instantly recognizable. Even with an amazing design, if your electronic packaging lacks a cohesive brand image, no one will associate it with your company.

Include your logo and brand colors to create a mental link between disparate products. For example, if your company makes cell phone chargers as well as printers, strategic branding will help consumers connect both products back to your company.

Get Design Help from Packaging Professionals

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the design process or just want a few helpful tips, getting assistance from packaging professionals can minimize stress and expedite the packaging design process.

Product packaging companies can help craft a unique design that is practical and budget-friendly. If you already have a strong vision, these experts can help make your dream a reality.

Conversely, if you have absolutely no ideas, packaging experts can start from square one and guide you through the brainstorming phase. With a little collaboration, you can have logos, branding, and designs that match your company’s product and values in no time.

If you want to take your electronic packaging design to the next level, reach out to a reputable packaging partner and get started designing your unique brand.

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