8 Innovative Designs for PDQ Display Trays

8 Innovative Designs for PDQ Display Trays

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, it’s never been more important to make a strong impression in retail settings. PDQ display trays are a great way to stand out and attract attention from prospective in-store buyers.

In this blog, we’ll explain how PDQ displays can complement your brand and provide you with eight eye-catching designs to ensure your product lands in your customers’ hands. 

What is a PDQ Tray?

A PDQ tray is a type of point-of-sale packaging designed to highlight products in a retail environment. PDQ packaging is generally a good option for smaller merchandise like toys, snacks, and cosmetics. Placing a PDQ tray near checkout can increase the likelihood of an impulse purchase, especially if your product’s price point is right.

PDQ displays are eye-catching, attractive, and designed to convert consumers who are shopping for an entirely different product. In a nutshell, PDQ trays are simple, cost-effective displays that draw attention to your brand, boosting sales and contributing to a more cohesive brand image. Customers appreciate thoughtful branding, and PDQ packaging offers a great opportunity to showcase your brand values and aesthetics.

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Best Practices for Designing a PDQ Display Tray 

With the right preparation, your PDQ box can boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Keep these tips in mind while designing your PDQ point-of-sale display or packaging. 

  1. Consider the product: Before deciding on a design, it's imperative that you match your PDQ display’s aesthetics with your product. For instance, cosmetics and food have very different packaging needs. Make sure your PDQ display tray is both visually engaging and easy to use.
  2. Utilize eye-catching colors and graphics: Although some products may benefit from more subdued packaging, most PDQ packaging should use bright colors and interesting graphics to engage customers.
  3. Ensure stability: Aesthetically interesting packaging only works if it protects your merchandise. Test the structural integrity of your PDQ display in its shipper to guarantee it will hold up during shipping and on the shelf.
  4. Make it user friendly: Remember that store associates will be in charge of setting up your PDQ tray. Keep ergonomics in mind and make your tray easy to transport and set up.
  5. Consider sustainability: Consumers want products that match their values. Incorporate recycled, recyclable, or compostable materials to boost the sustainability of your packaging.
  6. Make it durable: PDQ packaging is a great investment, assuming it can withstand heavy use and normal wear and tear.
  7. Optimize space: Retailers will be more likely to stock your products if your PDQ box uses space efficiently. Avoid unnecessary empty spaces and make sure your trays fit together snugly on the shelf.
  8. Consider branding: Your PDQ tray should carry your overall brand identity, including brand colors, logos, and other graphics.

Follow these best practices to attract new customers, impress them with your sustainable values, and ensure that customers walk away with a positive impression of your brand.


8 Innovative Designs for PDQ Display Tray

There are many ways to design a PDQ tray. Here are eight ideas you can use when designing yours:

  1. Eco-friendly design: Many people are willing to pay more for sustainably sourced packaging. As the world strives to decarbonize and halt deforestation, consider incorporating sustainable packaging—like biodegradable materials or tree-free paper—into your supply chain. Eco-friendly options can be surprisingly affordable.
  2. Unique shapes: Consumers are accustomed to seeing rectangular PDQ boxes. If you incorporate eye-catching designs, buyers will be more likely to give your product a second look.
  3. Transparent materials: Using a plastic window or other clear material gives customers the opportunity to see your product before they even pick up the packaging. If your product is visually appealing, consider highlighting it with transparent materials.
  4. Stackable trays: Shelf space is at a premium these days and retailers will appreciate it if your PDQ packaging is stackable or interlocking, so they can optimize space.
  5. Customizable printing: Don’t rely on pre-existing designs to make your product stand out. Contact a packaging company that can offer customizable packaging unlike anything your customers have ever seen. Consider ordering sample packaging to test designs before you commit.
  6. Recyclable design: Cut down on waste by implementing recyclable or reusable PDQ trays.
  7. Multi-functional design: How can your PDQ packaging serve multiple purposes? For example, a qualified packaging company can design trays that double as a lid or display stand.
  8. Innovative solutions: Give your PDQ packaging additional features like a handle to aid portability. Any bonus features will reflect well on your overall design concept.

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It can be challenging to design compelling packaging that protects merchandise and matches your brand values. Use PDQ trays to boost sales and customer loyalty with sustainable, innovative, and durable design.

If you use engaging graphics, optimize space, and develop multi-functional features, customers will respond with repeat purchases and strong word-of-mouth advertising. See how a thoughtfully-designed PDQ tray can take your brand to the next level.

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