Why Brands Should Get Sample Packaging Before Ordering

Why Brands Should Get Sample Packaging Before Ordering

One of the most important aspects of a successful product is its packaging. Even the smallest differences in packaging design can convert a prospective buyer into a life-long customer.

Many businesses are wary of packaging companies that over-promise and under-deliver. Sample packaging allows you to test the waters, order realistic mock-ups, and even pitch a potential retailer to see if your packaging is a good fit.

Ensure your packaging is ready to hit shelves with high-quality sample packaging and reduce the stress of your first packaging purchase with a no-obligation “try before you buy” model. 

What are Custom Packaging Samples?

Packaging samples are a simple prototype that gives businesses a reference point for size, materials, and design.

However, not all packaging samples are created equal. Educate yourself on the main sample packaging categories so you can make an informed decision about what will work best for your company.

A factory sample, also known as a pre-production sample, is a full professional mockup of your product packaging. It will look identical to your full-production packaging, including any enhancements and logos. Factory samples are a great option, but they may require a longer turnaround time.

If you need your packaging samples quickly and don’t need a full mock-up, consider ordering a digital printed sample. You will lose some of the details, but digital print samples give you a general idea of the final product with a shorter lead time.

Another option if you’re short on time is a white sample, which will allow you to gain basic insights on structure and size—though keep in mind that white samples don’t provide the same crispness as a pre-production sample. White and proof samples are cut on a CAD machine, which can reduce lead time significantly.

Most packaging companies don’t have in-house printing technology, so factory samples can take months to arrive. A handful of highly-qualified printing and packaging companies offer in-house printing and can deliver a factory sample in 2-3 weeks and more basic samples in a matter of days.


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Benefits of Sample Packaging

The primary advantage of samples is the ability to see the quality of your packaging in person before you buy. Get a sense of the quality and determine if the packaging is a good fit for your brand image. If there are any issues with the materials, feel, or aesthetics of your packaging, you can catch them before committing to a full production.

Do you like the general look? Does the logo need to be re-sized or updated? It’s easy to make detailed changes before committing to a big order.

Beyond the appearance, you can also guarantee packaging materials pass durability stress tests. If you’re shipping your packages long distances, sturdy packaging will mean the difference between a well-presented product and lost merchandise. 

Be sure to order samples if you’re pitching to a new retailer. Club stores like BJ’s and Costco and online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair have very specific criteria for new products. In some cases, if your packaging fails certain criteria, retailers will not even bother to hear your pitch. 

Guarantee a quick turnaround and impress prospective clients with visually stunning sample packaging. Working with an experienced packaging company also gives you the benefit of expertise while navigating the complicated and constantly changing requirements of different retailers. 

How Fast Can I Expect My Sample Packaging?

If you enlist the help of a qualified packaging company, you can effectively cut your wait time in half. Many inexperienced suppliers require months of lead time to turn around a high-quality sample. 

Packaging companies with an in-house design and printing team can usually deliver a factory sample in 2-3 weeks, while white samples and digital printed samples only take a few days. Regardless of your printing needs, it’s helpful to partner with a company that has the experience, technology, and staff to deliver beautiful sample packaging quickly and efficiently.


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What You Get with Sample Packaging 

The sky's the limit when it comes to sample packaging. If you want luxury rigid boxes to show off your high-end product, or litholam corrugate to balance durability and design, a qualified packaging company can give you a fully rendered sample in just a few weeks. 

Utilize an in-house packaging engineer to make your vision a reality. Feel free to get creative with materials, colors, and designs. Most businesses approach packaging companies with a pre-existing logo and artwork, but if you need an update, some companies can build out your branding from scratch. Fine-tune your colors, artwork, and logo with an experienced design team. 

With the entire team under one roof, you can also expect significantly lower prices than suppliers who outsource their design, printing, and logistics. Save money, update your brand image, and land new lucrative clients with sample packaging.

Use Sample Packaging to Help Your Brand Stand Out

If you’re curious about a new packaging design, sample packaging is the perfect way to try new ideas without committing to an expensive order. Whether you need a quick white sample or a full factory sample, reach out to a qualified supplier to discuss your project.


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