Best Packaging Design Trends for 2023

Best Packaging Design Trends for 2023

Adaptation is the foundation of a strong business plan. Modifying your strategy to keep up with changing consumer attitudes is vital to your long-term success—especially when it comes to packaging. In this blog, we’ll break down emerging packaging design trends and offer concrete advice to update your packaging. 

Optimize your brand with the best packaging design trends like sustainable materials, bold colors, and purpose-driven packaging. If you can harness these trends and update your packaging, your brand will be well-positioned to build customer loyalty and boost sales.

What is Packaging Design, Exactly?

For the uninitiated, packaging design is the practice of creating the visual appearance and aesthetic quality of product packaging. The best packaging design involves conceptualizing and creating packaging while considering factors like the product’s intended use, overall market trends, and target audience.

Ultimately, you want your product to stand out from the competition. Quality packaging design balances simplicity, visual appeal, and the ability to effectively communicate the best qualities of your product. 

Look for a packaging design company with an in-house designer. Your designer will streamline the process and take market trends into account to guarantee you have the best possible packaging. Save time by working with an in-house designer to create stunning, affordable, durable packaging. 

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How Can I Make Great Packaging While Keeping Costs Reasonable?

Every brand wants unique, eye-catching packaging. But how can you optimize packaging without breaking the bank? 

Simplify your design: Always opt for a less complicated design to keep costs low. Try to cut down on materials and make things easier for your printer. This usually translates to additional savings.

Choose the right materials: Work with a qualified packaging company to tease out supply chain snarls. If a certain material is hard to source, you can replace it with something else. You may want to incorporate recycled or biodegradable materials to save costs and improve sustainability. 

Consider packaging functionality: Don’t focus exclusively on aesthetics. Your packaging only works if it is durable and protects your product through the entire retail process. 

Work with a packaging design professional: Save money by hiring an experienced packaging professional. A qualified company will incorporate durability testing, design knowledge, and logistics information to ensure you have the best packaging design.

Make use of digital printing: Especially if you need a smaller production run, digital printing significantly reduces the cost per unit over traditional offset printing.

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9 Best Packaging Design Trends for 2023 (That are Also Affordable)

Keep these emerging trends in mind to stay one step ahead of the competition in 2023. Implementing these packaging design trends will boost sales while decreasing costs. 

  1. Sustainability: Consumers are demanding eco-friendly packaging from brands and rewarding companies that reduce emissions and plastic waste. Incorporate eco-friendly packaging to attract new customers and burnish your sustainability credentials. Examples include biodegradable plastics, paper-based alternatives, and recycled materials. Sustainable packaging is usually equally priced, if not cheaper, than plastic.
  2. Minimalism: Many buyers are overwhelmed by maximalist packaging so try to cut down on visual clutter. Highlight your brand’s best qualities and don’t be afraid to leave blank space.
  3. Customization: Consumers want unique products that are perfectly tailored to their interests and needs. Give buyers the option to personalize their packaging.
  4. Bold Colors and Graphics: With increasingly competitive shelf space, it’s never been more critical to grab customers’ attention with bright colors and exciting graphics.
  5. Interactive and Engaging Packaging: As consumers flock to online shopping, it’s imperative to incentivize an in-store shopping experience. Interactive packaging can excite and engage buyers and encourage repeat purchases.
  6. Purpose-driven Packaging: Consider using packaging that serves multiple purposes. For example, you could make packaging that is fully reusable, supporting the circular economy.
  7. Dual-use Packaging: Use packaging that works in both retail and e-commerce settings. The best packaging design will be adaptable to different situations, allowing it to ship safely and look nice in a retail environment.
  8. Specific Dual-use Children’s Toy Packaging: Consumers like packaging that can be used for other purposes (like storage) after delivery. If you sell children’s toys, make sure there’s no plastic you need to cut through to get to the toy. Then kids can play with the packaging afterward.
  9. Correct Size and Weight: Especially if you are selling your products on Amazon, make sure your packaging corresponds to their size and weight regulations. If you manage to get your packaging below a certain weight, Amazon may offer a rebate. 

Consider these trends before you order new packaging. If you put time into planning, you can reduce waste, lower costs, and build brand loyalty with new and returning customers. 


It’s challenging to stay on top of the best packaging design trends in real time. As consumer attitudes change, impress them with sustainable packaging, colorful design, and minimalist aesthetics.

Don’t be afraid to enlist a packaging professional to help optimize your packaging strategy. Collaborating with a packaging professional can help elevate your brand and keep customers coming back for more.

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