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How to Add "Luxury" to Your Packaging Design

Research clearly shows that when packaging wows customers, they are far more likely to buy and rebuy a product.

Luxury packaging goes beyond simply attracting buyers. Impressive packaging creates brand awareness, offers unforgettable unboxing experiences, and builds your loyal customer base.

Let’s dig deeper into why luxury packaging is so crucial for creating a sustainable and profitable business model, looking at three luxury packaging ideas proven to be effective.

Why is Luxury Packaging Important?

Sixty-one percent of consumers are far more likely to repeat the purchase of a product that comes with premium packaging. In recent years, demand for specific types of luxury packaging has grown, especially eco-friendly packaging materials. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their dollar’s environmental impact and seek out conscious brands with a like-minded vision.

Tiffany & Co. is an excellent example of the importance of luxury packaging. They needed designs that matched the elegance of their jewelry and created the robin egg blue box with a white satin ribbon, exuding luxury and refinement. This simplistic yet uniquely upscale design now stands as a symbol of exclusivity and has become packaging that buyers automatically associate with their high-quality products and brand.

When designing a luxury packaging design for your products, you’ll want to incorporate branding, your target consumer, and the overall unboxing experience. 

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Luxury Packaging Design Ideas

Individuality means a lot when it comes to packaging, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing luxury materials. Successful high-end brands have used the following three design ideas and are worth considering in your own luxury packaging design.

Make a Good First Impression

The design on your packaging is the first thing your customer sees, and it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. If colors, graphics, or messaging are too loud, they can compete with each other to catch a consumer’s eye. Overdone visuals can take away from a sense of elegance and luxury. A splash or complement of bright color, such as a colored box lining that contrasts with the exterior or a subtle gold accent, can be aesthetically pleasing without being too flashy. 

The vast majority of luxury companies offer products in understated and branded patterns. Tiffany’s, for example, focused on one color, Tiffany Blue, which is now a trademarked icon, one of the most renowned packaging colors, and completely identifiable without labels.

Lead with key branding elements like a characteristic color or easily-recognizable logo, and lean into sophistication and simplicity. Let your brand and product do the talking. 

Select High-Quality Materials

High-quality packaging materials exude sophistication and can help your products stand out. When consumers pick your product off a shelf, the difference between low-quality and high-end materials is clear. Luxury products should feel smooth and often have some weight to them. Avoid frays, printing imperfections, or any other quality concerns.

Depending on the product, glass packaging is a particularly sought-after luxury option. Perfumes and high-end body care products are best presented in glass bottles, as plastic packaging can be cheapening or even toxic. 

Eco-friendly or zero-waste packaging also fits the bill of luxury packaging. Not only is an ecological packaging model crucial for your business’s environmental impact—it’s also something customers want. Research shows that 67% of consumers report placing high significance on products packaged in recycled materials, and 54% say they consider sustainable packaging when choosing a new product. In the younger consumer population (44 years and under), 83% are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaged products.

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Remember: Convenience is King

Luxury or not, convenience is always a deciding factor in how likely consumers are to keep purchasing and recommend your products. People are not interested in waiting for their luxury products, so the packaging should be quick and easy to open. 

For example, Apple iPhones come in a simple box, and the phone is the first thing a consumer sees. A custom insert for the charger, SIM card, and product literature is found directly under the phone. This packaging design flow is ideal for every part of the buying journey, offering customers the exact unboxing experience they’re looking for.

Gain Luxury Product Packaging Insights from Packaging Experts

People associate luxury packaging designs and materials with high-quality products. Consumers are also interested in sustainable luxury packaging, which is a win-win for everyone—including the planet. Check all of these boxes with simplistic, elegant designs and a quick unboxing experience. 

A trusted packaging partner can work with you to develop ideal luxury product packaging, branding, logo design, and shipping logistics. Consider reaching out to a packaging expert today.

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