Cosmetic Product Packaging Guide

Cosmetic Product Packaging Guide

The packaging design for your luxury product doesn’t have to be the most difficult decision you make. With the help of a few industry-standard tips, it can be a lot easier than you think!

Well-thought-out packaging design for the luxury cosmetics industry should be unique enough to draw attention while understated enough to maintain a high-end presence. Striking the perfect balance will undoubtedly result in your product flying off the shelves. 

Do you know what you should be incorporating into the design of your cosmetic packaging?


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Your Packaging Depends on Your Brand

While there are certain guidelines to follow concerning the design of your luxury packaging, there isn’t an exact cookie-cutter formula to abide by. Have you ever walked into a luxury cosmetic store and seen every package looking identical to one another? Chances are you’ve noticed distinctions between the packaging based on who the brand’s target audience is.

The first thing to consider when designing your high-end packaging is who you want to buy it. A line of cosmetics aimed at young women likely won’t appeal to a middle-aged generation. A line of women’s perfume will have different design elements than a line of men’s cologne. Identify your ideal customer and design a box for them.

A second consideration for your packaging design is budget. A luxury cosmetics brand that’s just starting out won’t have the same budget as a brand like Chanel. Don’t overextend yourself by trying to compete. The right product packaging manufacturer will be able to provide you with an eye-catching design while working within your budget.


Successful Design Elements in Luxury Packaging

Once you’ve determined the parameters concerning your target customer and budget, you’re ready to start exploring the basic elements for your packaging design.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for designing your custom luxury packaging, certain trends tend to out-perform others – but keep in mind that is exactly what they are, trends; they come and go. An understated look will usually garner a better result in the luxury market than something flashy. A singular color offset by one focal point offers an upscale air to any packaging design.

When you’re creating a focal point on your cosmetic packaging, the sky is the limit. Many brands opt for customizing their package with a foil to make subtle elements pop against a solid background. Graphics are a great way to personalize custom packaging while maintaining an understated luxury feel. Line drawings and original artwork are both eye-catching and elegant.

Textured packaging is also a great way to personalize your cosmetics. Plastic inserts can be covered in a soft velvet covering, and rigid boxes can be personalized with a textured stock, such as a linen or flannel feel. There are plenty of ways for your product to stand out while still appealing to luxury clients.

One final detail to consider as part of your luxury packaging design is your font. A custom font will accentuate your brand name and set you apart from your competition. Easily accomplished, a custom font is a great way to tell the world who you are. But it’s important to ensure that your font remains legible. You may want to consider a standard typeset for important information like your company story and product details.


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How to Develop Your Branding in the Luxury Market

In the luxury industry, customers pay a higher price because they expect to receive a higher level of experience. They’re paying more money so they can feel like they’re treating themselves. That experience begins when they open the package before they even get to the product inside.

Luxury brand customers like to feel as though they’re opening a gift every time they unfold the packaging surrounding your product. They aren’t expecting shrink wrap. They’re expecting a carefully crafted box with foam or velvet-coated inserts.

Set the bar high by delivering this experience and more with a well-placed message inside your packaging. Your customers will remember this small gesture. It will become something they look forward to every time they purchase your product.

When developing your brand, it’s important to consider who your audience is and how you can continually delight them without constantly revamping your brand. Take a look at trends, but don’t think of them as an instruction manual. Keep an eye out for inspiration while staying true to your message.


Less is so often more when it comes to designing the package for your luxury cosmetic brand. Consider current trends as inspiration, but don’t base your entire brand on something that is constantly evolving. The important thing is to identify with your target market and take your cues from your ideal customer. Their wants will decide which colors you choose for your branding and any subtle elements you incorporate into your design. But be sure to stay within your budget. Most importantly, choose a product packaging company that values your brand and understands the importance of coming out with your best foot forward.

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